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Our new HR electronic document records management (EDRM) system

10 August 2020

The new electronic document management (EDRM) system for HR documents goes live today.

HR documents that would previously have been placed on your personal file, or retained by your manager, will now be stored electronically. This means the security of your personal data is improved and that it can be easily accessed by both you and your manager.

If you use a council computer you'll see the HR Files icon on your desktop which you can use to access your records. You'll be able to see details relating to your employment with us as well as supervision notes, your My Plan and much more.

If your manager is currently a user of EDRM for HR records some documents will be transferred immediately and will be visible to you. If your manager does not currently use EDRM it is envisaged that all paper employee files will be scanned into EDRM and stored electronically.

The employee privacy notice has been updated accordingly.