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Our website is ranked number one for content quality

26 February 2021

A report into the top UK council websites 2021 ranks all council websites in a number of key areas.

The report, which is completed annually, is carried out by a company that specialises in website performance and monitoring.

The report ranks council websites by a number of key factors that help a website perform well and have a good user experience including accessibility compliance, content quality, search engine optimisation (SEO) and response time.

The Derbyshire County Council website ranked highly in all areas, but came particularly high in content quality and SEO.

Top three UK council websites for content quality:

  1. Derbyshire County Council
  2. Worcestershire County Council
  3. Manchester City Council

Top three UK council websites for SEO:

  1. West Sussex County Council
  2. Derbyshire County Council
  3. Surrey County Council