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Planning for any emergency

7 June 2023

Our emergency planning team recently lead a spectacular real-time emergency exercise.

Emergency-planning-team-in-real-time-emergency-exerciseThe event, which because of its size and scale took 18 months to plan, took place at Carsington Water. More than 300 people at Carsington were involved in a live action scenario of two RAF jets crashing - one into the reservoir and one into a coach and the dam wall.

As part of the Local Resilience Forum (LRF), the team coordinated partner agencies including the emergency services, Severn Trent Water, local authorities and the environment agency.

This multi-agency emergency exercise showcases the power and expertise within the LRF.

Alongside those taking part at Carsington, 70 people were at the Strategic Command Centre at Ripley and numerous of support teams, drone pilots, specialist water rescue teams and communications specialists provided vital support too.

The dam road was closed in consultation with highways for the duration to allow the exercise to take place in a safe environment, pontoons constructed to float fuselage debris, live updates sent out to associated agencies and drama students providing prosthetic realism.

A number of debriefs will take place over the coming months with a record of lessons learnt and recommendations to take forward, to help Derbyshire be a safer place should the worst happen.

Stephen Peace, emergency planning assistant manager said:

“The part our team had to play in this exercise was huge. The pressure was on to demonstrate that not only can we respond to emergencies as they happen, but also to plan large scale, multi-agency events. We flew the flag for the county council and I could not be more proud of the whole department. It was a real team effort.”