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Policy update: Acceptable Use of Internet, email and Social Media

20 December 2019

The Internet and email Acceptable Use Policy has now been merged with the Acceptable Use of Social Media Policy.

None of the original wording of the policies has changed but there are two new additions:

  • Employees are now permitted to email a copy of their payslip to their personal email address following the introduction of electronic payslips – please see page five of the policy for more information.
  • Employees are permitted to upload their own photograph to use in Office 365 providing it conforms to the requirements in the policy. Further advice on how to do this will be shared in the new year.

The full Acceptable Use of Internet, email and Social Media Policy can be viewed on this website. Please remember that every time you log on to the council network you are presented with a blue screen that lists our key policies. By pressing OK, you are agreeing to abide by these policies.