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Preparing to depersonalise your office space

10 September 2021

Work to clear personal belongings and secure paper records is now underway as part of our Modern Ways of Working programme. If you used office space at County Hall prior to the pandemic, information about what you’ll need to do is now available to help you prepare.

Depersonalising your previous office provides us with a blank canvas so that we can begin to create spaces that can be used in a more flexible way. We’re working closely with managers to understand the space you need and how you might be able to use this differently. At this stage, we’re not able to confirm where your new office space will be but we will be sharing information about how space will be organised very soon. This will include space dedicated to your team and space that can be shared with others.

Depersonalisation activity is being carried out in a very controlled way to minimise risks to your safety or our information security so please don’t begin any depersonalisation activity until you are specifically asked to do so by the modern ways of working project team or your line manager.

At the moment, the depersonalisation activity is focused on County Hall, however, the office depersonalisation and data management protocol will also apply to other office spaces across the county. We will let managers know when each office location needs to plan for depersonalisation.

We appreciate that the timescales provided for this activity are very tight and we thank you for your support in helping us develop the right flexible working model for Derbyshire. If you have any questions about the project, please speak to your line manager or email