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Preventing young people becoming involved in cybercrime

8 February 2023

Do you work with young people or vulnerable young adults in Derbyshire? If so, it's likely that the majority of them will be tech savvy but, can you identify when that interest in IT becomes a concern and puts them at risk of committing cybercrime?

National research suggests that 61% of hackers began hacking before the age 16, but some may be as young as 10, with estimates showing that 1 in 4 teenagers have tried some form of cybercrime - many without realising it.

To help you, our Community Safety Unit and Derbyshire Police Cybercrime Unit are launching a Cyber Choices toolkit with free online briefings to help you spot the possible signs and make referrals to Cyber Choices, the early intervention programme developed by the National Crime Agency.

For more information about the briefings, visit Safer Derbyshire.