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Protect yourself against slips, trips and falls

14 January 2021

Slips and trips are the most common cause of injury at work.

Many employees are working from home and having to cope with other responsibilities like childcare and home schooling, so it’s even more important to be mindful of your health, safety and wellbeing as it is easy to become complacent on your own.

Here’s some simple advice to help you avoid slips, trips and falls both at home and in the workplace:

  • ensure there is enough lighting
  • clear any spills like spilt drinks or mud up straight away
  • son’t leave clutter in walkways, doorways, stairways and fire exits
  • avoid having trailing cables that could trip you over
  • use handrails on stairs and avoid carrying too much up and down stairs particularly if it obscures your view
  • avoid rushing to answer phone or teams call – you can always ring them back
  • please check the weather conditions before you leave the house and ensure you have appropriate footwear and clothing on for the conditions
  • consider using grips that attach to the bottom of your footwear for use in icy and snowy conditions, particularly if your role involves working outside
  • if you are going out for exercise like running or cycling, please be mindful of hazards like tree roots and mossy greasy surfaces
  • if you are out walking (this should be local to where you live) in more off-road areas like woodland paths or trails, consider using walking poles
  • pets are great company when you are working at home but be aware of them in your workspace, if you are distracted with work they can also become a trip hazard
  • if you live on your own, make sure you have someone to contact if you need any assistance

And remember if you are at home working then accidents still need to be reported to your line manager.