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Raising awareness of Dwarfism

25 October 2023

October is Dwarfism Awareness Month during which, members of the community are encouraged to raise awareness and share facts to help shake off any misconceptions about the conditions that cause Dwarfism.

There are over 200 different dwarfism and restricted growth conditions. Achondroplasia is the most common type of dwarfism with a birth incidence of about 1 in 25,000. A little known fact is that 80% of people with Achondroplasia are born to average height parents.

Some people prefer the term ‘short stature’ or ‘little people’ rather than ‘dwarf’ or ‘dwarfism’. So, it’s important to be sensitive to the preference of someone who has this condition.

Jess Wagstaff, a colleague working in Adult Social Care and Health has kindly agreed to share her story after she discovered during pregnancy that her daughter had Achondroplasia. As this is a personal story, it does not necessarily represent or try to represent other people’s experiences. Although we may find similarities, our personal stories are individual and unique.

Our Dis-ability Inclusion Network encourages you to read Jess’ story and find out more about Dwarfism by visiting the Restricted Growth Association or Little People UK.

As part of the International Dwarfism Awareness Day on 25 October, people across the world are encouraged to wear green in support of this cause.