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Reopening of workspaces to support our modern ways of working approach

11 February 2022

Following the lifting of Plan B requirement to work from home where possible we are now in a position to allow colleagues to use more workspaces in our buildings.

The timing for this will depend on where teams are based and is explained in more detail.

As part of enabling people to come back to offices spaces we need to ensure they are fully prepared and that measures are in place to keep colleagues safe. As a result, we will be keeping a number of COVID secure control measures in place across our council buildings including 2 metre social distancing, ventilation and cleaning procedures.

The use of face masks is advised but will be a matter of personal choice. This approach will be reviewed again in March 2022.

Using offices other than County Hall, John Hadfield House and Chatsworth Hall

Workspaces across the wider estate can now be used so please liaise with your manager to agree a flexible working approach. Use of these office spaces must continue to take account of the COVID-19 pandemic which will limit the number of people who can be in the space at any one time.

Your manager will review the existing building COVID-19 risk assessment for your workplace and share this with you before you can use these workspaces.

Opening of new team zones at County Hall

Our Modern Ways of Working programme has made great progress in re-organising our office spaces at County Hall so that they can be used to support service delivery in a more flexible way.

We’re taking a phased approach to welcoming teams to use their new space. This will help ensure that teams and individuals can be appropriately supported to adapt to new ways of working and that any issues can be addressed.

Before using your new space you need to complete the reopening County Hall - employee checklist to make sure you have all the information you need about using our new spaces, health and safety procedures and the equipment available in workspaces.

The following sets out the date from which each department can begin to use their new team zones and the shared zones provided all checklists have been completed.

Week commencing 14 February 2022

From Monday - Children's Services (North Block), Finance and ICT (South Block) and directors’ corridor.

From Wednesday - Audit Block, Derbyshire Dales Area Office and Stable Block.

Week commencing 21 February 2022

From Monday - Place (North Block), Public Health (South Block) and Adult Social Care and Health (North and South Block).

From Wednesday - HR, Communications, Policy and Co-op block.

Week commencing 28 February 2022

From Monday - Corporate property (North Block) and Legal Services - (South block).

We are expecting colleagues to adopt new modern ways of working rather than to return to the way we worked before the pandemic. Please work with your manager to agree a way of working that balances the delivery of high-quality services for our residents and communities with greater flexibility for employees.