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Restructure of ETE and Community Services to become Place

1 April 2021

We’ll be making some changes to the structure of some of our Place based services. As we’ve previously said, ETE will be known as Place from 17 May, aligning with when Chris Henning, the new Executive Director Place, joins the council.

We have taken the opportunity to bring together more of the Place based services, to provide greater synergy in the way that we can respond to the needs of our residents.  Our intention is that, subject to cabinet approval, libraries and heritage and Trading Standards will move to become part of Place in the autumn. Community safety will remain in CCP.

The Place department will have 3 directors and there will be a balance of responsibilities across each of them as follows:

Environment and Transport Director with responsibility for:

  • environment - climate change, countryside service and heritage and conservation service
  • waste management – procurement and operations
  • transport – all aspects of operational transport services

Economy and Regeneration Director with responsibility for:

  • economic growth and development with regeneration and recovery, employment and skills, transport strategy
  • planning, highways DC and trading standards
  • major programme and projects - development and management
  • libraries and heritage services

Highways Director with responsibility for:

  • all aspects of the highways function
  • highways hub and customer engagement
  • flooding
  • emergency planning

Whilst the department transitions to these new arrangements and permanent appointments are made to the new director roles, the current director roles will be fulfilled as follows:

  • Joe Battye continues as Economy and Regeneration Director
  • Julian Gould continues as Acting Highways Director
  • Claire Brailsford commences as Acting Director Environment and Transport from 1 April

Don Gibbs, Director for Community Services retires from the council shortly and until these services transfer over to Place alternative reporting arrangements have been put in place.

We’ve shared more information with colleagues in Community Services and ETE and will continue to work to keep them updated with the changes.