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Results of your Our Spirit team meetings.

25 September 2020

Over the past few weeks lots of you have been taking part in team briefing sessions to discuss the results of the employee pulse survey in more detail and provide further insight into how you’re all feeling.

View the results as a video

Across the council, 371 teams held a meeting which means that lots more of you have been able to get involved in helping to make improvements at every level.

These results are additional to the results from the employee pulse survey itself but will all be used to inform decisions about how we work and support each other over the coming weeks.

Wellbeing and ways of working:

  • On the whole, the majority of you are feeling positive during the pandemic. With 60% reporting feeling ‘very good’, ‘good’ or ‘neutral’.
  • However, 31% of you have mixed feelings with some days feeling better than others and 9% of you feel low or anxious.
  • A lack of social interaction was raised as the highest concern and is also the factor that’s having the biggest negative impact on colleagues. We have already taken steps to address this in the short term with the announcement that we’re opening up meeting and touchdown spaces to help support your wellbeing.
  • Many of you are concerned about a second wave of COVID-19 and the impact on your own or your family’s health.
  • Although working from home was raised as a concern, it was also mentioned as the change that had the biggest positive effect on people.
  • The adoption of new IT systems such as Microsoft Teams was highlighted as a positive impact on your work that had supported improved ways of working.
  • Work/life balance is also an issue that is having a negative effect, with some colleagues struggling to switch off from work at the end of the day.
  • The majority of teams (72%) felt they had been well supported by their manager during the pandemic, however, 24% told your managers that you didn’t feel supported.
  • Some of you are also concerned about job security and your ability to your job from home permanently.

Teams were asked to make improvements with their manager at a local level over the next 3 months and the top 3 actions you committed to were to:

  1. continue with, or to hold more frequent and regular virtual team meetings.
  2. improve your knowledge and use of new technology to support remote working.
  3. meet face to face with colleagues at a social distance.

When asked what support teams would like to see from the organisation, the top 3 requests were:

  1. More communication and key points relating to this were the importance of being kept well informed particularly in terms of local messages; senior leaders to be visible and accessible; key issues such as the return to office working, the support which will be available and potential for future ways of working; and improving both inter-departmental communication and with partners.
  2. Flexible working options to continue to be available, but with appropriate enablers in terms of office and ICT equipment.
  3. Related to health, safety and wellbeing, in terms of providing safe working environments that are clean and with adequate PPE and safety guidance; as well as easily accessible wellbeing support.

The outcomes of your discussions were fed back to the corporate management team and will be used to inform decisions about how we work and support each other over the coming weeks. We’ll be asking teams to have further discussions in the future so you can continue to share your views and help shape the future, and so we can update you on what we are doing in response to your requests from the organisation.

Thank you to everyone who took part in these discussions.