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Rollout of new photocopiers

26 May 2023

Our new photocopiers (also known as multi-function devices or MFDs) will start to be delivered to sites across Derbyshire from Tuesday 30 May 2023.

Once you've received and registered your new print card, you'll be able to collect your printing from any of the new devices. For the vast majority of sites, these will be located next to the existing Ricoh device that will be collected at a later date. At our larger sites where there is currently more than one device in a similar location, the number of devices may be reduced and they'll need to be placed where they can be easily accessed by all colleagues.

The delivery schedule provides an overview of the delivery dates for all devices as well as the quantity of devices that will be delivered to the site. We'll be using the site contacts (included as a tab on the delivery schedule) that were identified in a recent audit but if the contact has changed since the audit was completed, please let the business centre know by emailing so that we can update our records.

Getting your print card

All line managers have been asked to complete a very quick form to order print cards for their team. Once the cards have been delivered, we'll distribute these to the managers that have ordered them.

Once you get your card, you'll need to register it using one of the new devices and when you've done that, you'll be set up to print and copy on any device. We'll share step-by-step information about how to register your card and use the devices in the next couple of weeks so that everyone knows how to use them before the old devices are removed.

When you receive your card, you must keep it secure by adding it to the holder along with your existing ID badge. If it doesn't fit in your existing holder, please contact the business centre by emailing and they will send you an additional card holder to attach to your lanyard. If at any time you lose either your print card of ID badge, you must immediately report it as a security incident so that the card can be disabled.

Please do not write or stick things on the print card as this will be printed with your ID in the near future.