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Senior officer leadership model evolves

24 November 2020

The changing world of local government – COVID-19, the prospect of devolution and reform, the ongoing financial challenges and the transition out of the European Union – mean we have to adapt and respond at every level across the organisation. As part of this the Leader of the Council is proposing to appoint a Managing Executive Director for the next 12 months.

The new role, which is an extension to an existing Executive Director role, will work alongside 3 other Executive Directors to extend and develop our collective leadership model. Our collective leadership model was right for the challenges of 2017, when it was introduced, and continues to deliver benefits. Collaboration and partnership will continue to be at the heart of the council’s operating model. A Managing Executive Director, working within and developing this model, will enable us to meet the challenges of the post-pandemic era.

The Managing Executive Director will be the ultimate accountable officer and will support the Leader to represent the council locally, regionally and nationally, ensuring Derbyshire has influence at every level, whilst reinforcing the partnership between Cabinet and Senior Officers which is central to the council’s operating model.

The role – which will be discussed at Full Council on 2 December 2020 - will be a strategic leadership position, working alongside the council’s Leader, to ensure that Derbyshire thrives now and in the future. The Managing Executive Director will set clear strategic direction, drive performance and provide accountability to councillors and residents. The initial appointment will be for 12 months from January 2021 to allow for flexibility once the full implications of COVID-19 are understood and impact has been assessed.

The Managing Executive Director will be the lead officer for corporate functions, which are at the centre of change and transformation within the council, and is also the Head of Paid Service. We will continue to have Executive Directors for Adult Social Care and Health, Children’s Services, and Economy, Transport and Environment, with the Executive Director of Commissioning, Communities and Policy taking up the Managing Executive Director role.

In order to be at the front of the queue for the opportunities that the changing relationship between local and national government are bringing, Derbyshire needs a strategic lead officer to give it profile and impact at a national level. This approach demonstrates our agility and flexibility as a council, and our determination to do what is right for Derbyshire people, our partner organisations and our communities.

We will keep you up to date as the proposal progresses.