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Setting up a team in Teams

30 September 2020

In addition to using Microsoft Teams for meetings and chat, you can now request a team setup and associated SharePoint site.

Make a request by visiting the Service Desk Online and selecting Microsoft Teams (under applications). Once you’ve made the initial request, we’ll email you a link to a form where you can provide us with the full details of your team site.

If you’re considering making a request, we’ll want to know the following details:

  • the name you’d like to call your team site
  • a description of the purpose of your team site
  • which area of responsibility your team site comes under
  • whether you want to share any file contents externally
  • a nominated person to be a second owner of your team site

Once you’ve completed the form with those details, your request is submitted to your departmental service relationship manager for them to review and authorise. Hopefully, if your request is approved, your team site will be created shortly after that!

One final thing – in order to manage a team site you’ll need to know what you’re doing. To help you understand how to manage a team site we’ve put together a training page in our Microsoft 365 Learning Centre for new team site owners.