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Social media use

4 August 2022

We recognise that employees are likely to make use of social media in a personal capacity. Although not acting on behalf of the council, you should be aware that you can damage the council’s reputation if you are recognised as an employee.

So please remember that when using social media, any communication must not bring the council into disrepute, breach confidentiality or copyright, or do anything that could be considered discriminatory, bullying or harassment.

Read our acceptable use of internet, email and social media policy which sets out your responsibilities. In particular, take a look at the following sections:

  • all employees are expected to behave appropriately and responsibly and should be aware that they may be accountable to the council for actions outside of their work
  • an employee's personal social media account should not, directly or by implication, give the impression that they are endorsed by, or speaking on behalf of the council
  • the council views any comment that is made on a social media site to have been made publicly, and that any inappropriate comment made, will be considered in the context of which it is made, for example, disparaging comments against a colleague made on Facebook could be viewed as bullying or harassment, and could be considered to bring the council into disrepute
  • employees may be accountable for actions outside of work, including making comments on social media sites, if that is contrary to any of council's policies and procedures, impacts on or compromises the employee's ability to undertake their role, or undermines management decisions. Such behaviour could be investigated and may result in disciplinary action and ultimately could result in dismissal

Please speak to your line manager if you have any questions about the policy.