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Stagecoach Megarider tickets for the new year

20 December 2019

From 2 January 2020, our employees will be able to buy either a 7 day or 28 day Stagecoach Megarider ticket online using a unique 5% discount code.

The code is available from the Sustainable Travel team and will be changed every 2 months. You need to register a smartcard with Stagecoach or download the Stagecoach app to use the discount code.

For the time being, Chesterfield Megarider and Megarider Gold vouchers are available to purchase from Chesterfield Library, Alfreton Library (Megarider Gold only) and County Hall cash office at the existing prices. The Chesterfield Megarider Plus will no longer be available.

For further information or to request the discount code, please email or telephone 01629 538156.