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Stress awareness month

26 April 2021

Stress Awareness Month has been held every April since 1992 to increase awareness of both the causes and treatments for stress.  

Stress is a significant factor in mental health problems including anxiety and depression. It is also linked to physical health problems like heart disease, problems with our immune system, insomnia and digestive problems.

There are a number of resources available to help you understand stress and learn how to reduce it.

The stress awareness e-learning module on Derbyshire Learning Online is available to all employees and is designed to give an overview of stress awareness at work, explains what stress is and explores various coping strategies.

If you are experiencing stress and need some support, wellbeing support services are available to employees. They include the employee assistance programme, the employee counselling service and the Thrive: mental wellbeing app.

Advice and information is also available from Mind and Anxiety UK.

More information about our response to the management of stress in the council is available in our policy statement in our health and safety section.