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Switch off and save money over Christmas

21 December 2023

Thank you to colleagues who have been working hard to help reduce our energy bills and to those who have volunteered to be our Energy Champions

We’ve been compiling energy-saving suggestions and will be sharing more information in the new year, but please continue to send any ideas you have to Liz Pasteur, email or John Kinderman, email

Here are some of our ideas - they will make even more difference over Christmas as many people will be away from the office for longer than usual:

  • switch off equipment which doesn’t need to be left on
  • keep doors and windows closed to keep the heat in
  • close doors when leaving the office to prevent lights coming on when people walk down the corridor
  • switch off the radiators in your office if it will be empty for a while by turning down the valve on the side of the radiator

If you are responsible for a building, then switching the heating to holiday mode or 'frost protection' during evenings, weekends and the Christmas period will save a lot of money. The energy team has detailed energy use for most sites, so get in touch if you would like further information.

Take a look at our go green at work pages for more ideas.