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Take care in flood conditions

22 January 2021

Colleagues in our highways teams have been out across Derbyshire over the past few days dealing with the effects if Storm Christoph. 

Flooding has resulted in a number of road closures so if you need to make an essential journey, remember to check the latest flood update and please don’t be tempted to drive through flood water.

If your role means you have to carry out work near flooded areas then you must take all necessary precautions and follow the control measures contained in the risk assessment for that role.

If you come across flood water, either when working or out exercising, follow these tips to help stay safe: 

  • if you come into contact with floodwater, wash your hands as soon as you can
  • avoid walking into floodwater if you don’t know what’s beneath
  • if it’s unavoidable, use a brush handle or similar to test the ground ahead of you
  • don’t go near fast flowing water – just 15cm can knock you off your feet
  • be particularly aware of fallen power lines or other electrical equipment
  • make sure you tell others if you come across any hazards
  • if you become ill after accidentally swallowing contaminated water, contact NHS 111 or your doctor, particularly if you develop diarrhoea, fever or abdominal pain within 10 days of being in contact with floodwater or sewage

The following tips will help you if you need to make an essential journey: 

  • don’t drive through floodwater. Water hides dips in the road, worse still, there may be no road at all under the water – flooding can wash away significant amounts of ground beneath
  • just 30cm of flowing water could be enough to move your car
  • if you do get stuck in flood water, it's usually best to wait in the car and call for help rather than try to get out
  • do not attempt to drive through fords in flood conditions or where flood warnings are in place. 

Please take care and stay safe.