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Take the next step on your leadership journey

13 May 2021

Following the successful launch of last year's leadership apprenticeships, we're excited to be working in partnership with the University of Derby again this year to offer level 5, level 6 and level 7 leader apprenticeships. We're also working with DACES (our internal partner at Derbyshire County Council) to offer a level 3 team leader apprenticeship.

Our programmes at level 3, level 5, level 6 and level 7 are offered to support our leaders at all levels as we continue to move forward as an enterprising council.

Boldness, innovation, embracing change and thinking and doing things differently are all essential to our success in achieving our collective vision for Derbyshire.

While supporting personal aspirations and continuous professional development, the benefits that leadership development offers are far reaching.

Successful individuals can achieve a leadership apprenticeship including a qualification at foundation degree at level 5, degree at level 6 or diploma at level 7 at no personal financial cost as the funding is covered by the Apprenticeship Levy. You'll also be eligible to register with a professional body, for example, the Chartered Management Institute.

On completion of level 3, you'd be eligible to register as an associate member with the Chartered Management Institute or the Institute of Leadership and Management.

The opportunity also allows you to:

  • develop core leadership competencies and enhanced leadership confidence and performance.
  • support your academic progress with a mentoring relationship throughout the duration of the programme
  • be at the spearhead of cultural change within our organisation by driving projects that are aligned to work based challenges
  • with the support of your line manager, dedicate 20% of your working time to leadership development

Find out more about leadership apprenticeships including feedback from current learners and how to apply.