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Tell us how you feel about working arrangements

2 November 2022

Please take this opportunity to share your views, which will help to inform our future policy on working arrangements.

We last asked you how you felt about working arrangements back in 2020, when huge changes had taken place during the pandemic for a large proportion of our workforce.

These changes, which included more remote or home working for many employees, have continued beyond the pandemic, whilst for others, working arrangements have remained unchanged throughout.

We are now working with the trade unions to develop our policy on working arrangements for the future, to ensure we have more consistency across the council.

As an organisation, we need to take the best of what we experienced during the pandemic on things like increased employee flexibility and yet also ensure we are balancing this with the needs of our residents, partners, internal customers and how we work across teams.

As part of the work we're doing on this, we're keen to hear your views on the following:

  • what is working for you now as an individual
  • how it's been working for you working as part of a team and delivering a service
  • what your thoughts and concerns might be around future working arrangements
Complete the working arrangements survey

We want people to be completely open and honest about their views and so this survey is completely anonymous. No responses can be linked back to any individual, although we are asking people to select the team they work in for the purposes of analysis.

It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.