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Tell us your experience of digital accessibility

12 September 2023

The digital adoption team is launching a digital accessibility campaign to support colleagues through our ever-changing digital landscape and they'd like you to complete this inclusivity in technology questionnaire.

Your responses to this will be anonymous.

Completing the questionnaire will be crucial in helping understand:

  • your awareness of digital accessibility
  • the Microsoft 365 accessibility features that you use
  • your confidence in using these tools
  • your experiences of using assistive technology
  • what you want the future of digital accessibility to look like in Derbyshire

The answers you provide in this questionnaire will be anonymous and will help us understand what is happening here at the council and help shape our campaign which aims to create a more inclusive and accessible digital environment for all colleagues.

Together, we can make a real difference in ensuring that our digital workspace is accessible to everyone, regardless of ability. Thank you for your support.