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The employee survey and our engagement index score

29 April 2022

When we share the results of our employee survey, each head of service and above will receive their own results report and within those reports will be an engagement index score for their team.

An index score is a relative measure to enable comparison of performance across areas or over time – so, if engagement is improving in your team, your index score will go up and visa versa. The engagement index (EI) is not a percentage. It is presented as a composite score against an EI maximum value of 100, which is generated from the 10 questions on our survey relating to employee engagement.

Our overall engagement index score will also be shared, which gives us a mean average score across all departments and teams. This means you will be able to compare whether your team score is higher or lower than the average team score at the . More information about how the EI is calculated will be shared when the reports come out.