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The employee survey and why you should care about it

26 April 2022

How we feel about where we work is largely within our own power to fix, as a team. And we can do that by getting involved. We can’t make things better for ourselves by simply waiting for something to change.

Our employee survey results will be out by the end of April and each head of service and above will receive their own report. Following this, they will be asked to share those results with their teams and have a conversation with you about what the key issues are. This is your opportunity to share what’s on your mind and what might be stopping you from feeling truly fulfilled and happier at work. Not everything can or will be fixed overnight, and some things won’t be within the power of your manager to change there and then. But by discussing these issues as a team, you can agree together what the key actions are that will make a positive difference this year.

You can get involved by working with your manager and team to fix the things that aren’t working well. Your manager may not always have the answers, but you can share your ideas and come up with a plan, then work together to make it happen.