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Travelling outside the UK

6 August 2020

We recently updated our guidance for managers in line with the changes to government guidance for those travelling outside the UK.

Since we updated the guidance Spain has been removed from the Government’s exempt list (Sunday 26 July 2020) and you are now advised against all but essential travel. If you arrive in England from Spain on or after 26 July you will need to self-isolate.

Countries and territories can be taken off or added to the Government’s exempt list at any time so it is likely that travel corridors will change at short notice over the coming months.

If you do travel abroad please be aware that, even if the country you have travelled to was on the exempt list when you departed, if an exemption is removed while you are away you will need to self-isolate on your return in accordance with the Government guidance. Colleagues must agree the approach with their manager to ensure that they can comply with any quarantine measures applicable to them on their return to the UK prior to booking travel outside the UK until such a point as all COVID-related travel restrictions are lifted.

If overseas travel is booked after 23 March 2020 then colleagues are required to use a combination of paid annual leave and unpaid leave to comply with any applicable quarantine period. This applies to all employees regardless of whether they are working from home prior to travel to ensure equity across the workforce.

If you choose to travel to a country that is not on the exempt list and does not have a travel corridor in place, regardless of when the travel was booked, you will need to take annual leave or unpaid leave on your return to the UK for the period of self-isolation. We will continually review this guidance aligned to the national guidance.