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Update about electric vehicle bookings

3 February 2023

Following a recent issue with the booking of electric pool vehicles, the booking Power App has been updated.

When you place a booking through the Power App you will now receive a ticket booking confirmation by email and an appointment will be added to your calendar. You will need to show this ticket when collecting a vehicle.

If you need to change the date or time of your booking, you must delete the existing booking from your calendar and complete a new request using the Power App. Please don't move an existing vehicle booking in your calendar.

Electric pool vehicles can only be booked through the Power App and not by through the Outlook calendars linked to the registrations of the vehicles as any bookings won't be valid.

To ensure that there are no duplicate bookings, the data within the Power App will be reset this afternoon (3 February 2023), and all existing bookings will be deleted.

If you have made a booking for 6 February 2023 onwards, you must rebook through the Power App to receive a confirmation ticket. This will ensure that only correctly booked cars are made available to users.

Find out how to register as an electric pool car use and access the booking app.

If you have any questions, please contact