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Update on our Modern Ways of Working programme

20 June 2023

Over the past 2 years, our Modern Ways of Working programme has been supporting teams to reorganise their offices to make better use of space, clear unwanted and unused equipment, standardise furniture and improve data management.

As a result, many of our offices are now clear and open spaces that can be used in a number of ways to support our more modern approach to ways of working in line with our working arrangements policy.

During phase 1 of the programme, the team focused their activity on County Hall which freed up space for colleagues to be relocated from John Hadfield House and Chatsworth Hall. This has opened up opportunities to explore alternative uses for those sites with the aim of reducing costs as well as cutting our carbon footprint.

After teams were introduced to their new workspaces, ongoing maintenance and improvement work was handed over to the facilities team who manage the day-to-day running of the buildings. The next chapter for County Hall will be dependent on the outcome of the County Hall options work which is currently underway.

Phase 2 of the programme involved working with colleagues at 16 sites across Derbyshire who followed the same process and improved workspaces. We’ve had some great feedback from teams at those sites who are now enjoying their improved work environment.

The modern ways of working programme has also:

  • supported improved productivity through effective hybrid working leading to better employee wellbeing and work-life balance for many
  • improved our data management practices, ensuring that policies and procedures are followed, and our data is secure
  • helped reduce our carbon footprint and overall spend on property
  • introduced hybrid meeting rooms at County Hall which support collaborative working
  • allowed unwanted equipment to be redistributed to those who need it, either within the council or by outside organisations such as schools and community groups
  • overseen the current rollout of follow me printing allowing us to print from any device at council properties around the county and reduce our printing spend

Phase 2 of the Modern Ways of Working programme is now closing and we are pausing activity to reflect further on what has been achieved and identify our future priorities. We won’t be scheduling activity at any other sites for now but if you have any questions about the property you work from please contact