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Update on the delivery of our new printers, scanners and photocopiers

19 June 2023

The new printers, scanners and photocopiers (also known as multi-function devices or MFDs) are currently being delivered to sites across Derbyshire.  

Once these new devices are delivered and installed you’ll be able to make use of quick and easy printing whichever building you’re in.

Thank you to those who got in touch following the last update to let us know about changes that would affect the deliveries. The updated delivery schedule is now available but please contact if you have any queries.

Those who have ordered print cards for their team members will be getting deliveries or being told how to collect them very soon. If you line manage others and haven’t yet ordered any cards, please complete the online order form as soon as possible.

Along with the cards, there will be instructions for registering them with the new devices.

Lots of user guides and information will be available on the Learning Centre next week and we’ll share a link when that’s ready so that everyone knows how to use the new Canon printers. In the meantime, you can continue to use the existing Ricoh printers.