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Updated COVID-19 HR guidance

29 January 2021

Earlier today we informed line managers that there have been some changes to HR guidance in relation to COVID-19.

In summary, those updates are:

Attending COVID test centres

If you are working from home and symptomatic but are otherwise feeling well, you should make an appointment at a test centre at the earliest opportunity. This should be done in non-working time in line with the council’s position on attending medical appointments. If you cannot work from home you need to notify your manager, make an appointment at a test centre at the earliest opportunity and self-isolate whilst awaiting a test result – normal pay will continue as outlined in the self-isolating guidance for managers.

All employees attending a community testing centre for asymptomatic testing of residents, should arrange this in non-working time.

Attending a vaccination appointment

If you are invited to attend a vaccination appointment you should arrange this in non-working time wherever possible, however, if an appointment is within working time then you are allowed paid time off to attend.


If you are redeployed to another role then you may be able to claim mileage and travel time. There are different rules depending on whether you are a fixed based worker or not.

Please speak to your manager if any of these circumstances apply to you and you would like more information.