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Upgrade to Office 365 Pro Plus to get the full Teams experience

25 September 2020

As a parting gift at the end of Teams week you are now able to install Office 365 Pro Plus on your council computer. 

The upgrade will allow you to get the most out Microsoft Teams and gives you a more seamless experience when working between that and other apps such as Word and Excel. 

It looks and feels very similar to your existing version of Office but has new functionality like the ability to share a file direct from the app, see who’s actively working on shared documents and the dictation feature. 

We're giving you the option of choosing when to complete your upgrade so that it doesn't interrupt anything you’re currently working on.

To install Office 365 ProPlus you must close any Office applications that you have open. The download and installation process typically takes around 30 minutes, so please allow time to complete this process. 

Please note that if you have customised your existing version of Office or use any macros in Excel files then you'll need to back these up before installing Office 365 ProPlus. For any help with this please contact

To run the installation:

  1. Click Windows Start Menu 
  2. Type 'Software' and click on the software centre icon  
  3. In the 'Applications' section, click on Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus and click the install button 

You may need to restart your computer when the installation is complete. 

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact the Service Desk by emailing