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Using our new printers, scanners and photocopiers

20 June 2023

The majority of our new Canon printers, scanners and photocopiers (also known as multi-function devices or MFDs) have now been delivered most of our sites so you’ll need to learn how to use them.

The new devices use what’s known as ‘follow me printing’ which means you can simply send something to print then go to any printer in any of our offices and use your print card to retrieve it. You don’t need to enter the name of the printer you want to use or use any codes. Your print card also allows you to copy or scan on any device, including in our libraries.

Registering your print card

If your manager ordered you a print card then these are currently being distributed or made available for collection. If you line manage others and haven’t yet ordered any cards, please complete the online order form as soon as possible.

Order MFD smart cards

Once you have your card, you’ll need register it on a Canon printer before you can start using it. You’ll only need to do this once and there are simple instructions available on the learning centre.

Find out how to register your print card.

If you don’t have your print card yet, you can still use the new devices. You’ll just need to log in using the username and password that you use to log in to your computer.

Printing, scanning and copying

Once your card is registered you are ready to start using the Canon printers. There are lots of helpful tutorials and videos showing you how send documents to print, retrieve your printing, scan and photocopy all on the learn centre. If you’re struggling, you can also ask your digital champion for help.

Find out how to print, scan and copy.

The staple function on the new devices has been disabled as this is an expensive additional feature and was rarely used in the past. You will need to hand staple and documents if necessary or send large volume print to the business centre, email

We encourage you to think carefully before you print so that you can help keep costs down and reduce the impact on the environment.

Managing the new devices

The new devices will be managed centrally rather than by specific teams and departments will then be charged for what they use.

Toner levels are actively monitored so if a device is running low on toner, it will automatically order new supplies which will be delivered to the relevant location. Our facilities team will regularly re-stock paper supplies at each location.

If you notice a fault with any of the machines, please report this by logging a ticket in Halo. You will need to provide the serial number which you can find on the front of the device.