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Visiting other organisations' buildings

1 September 2021

As more organisations begin to return to work in buildings you may be asked to attend other organisations’ premises.

We’ve kept all our existing COVID-19 secure measures in response to the infection rates in the county. So if you’re asked to attend a meeting at another employer’s establishment you should:

  • explain the council’s current position regarding COVID-19 and find out whether there is the option to hold or join the meeting virtually
  • if the only option is to attend the meeting in person then discuss with the person making the request what their current arrangements are to prevent transmission of COVID-19 in their building (ideally ask to see their risk assessment if one exists)
  • if you are not comfortable that the arrangements in place are suitable you should discuss this with your manager and further advice can be sought from the Health Safety and Wellbeing team. You should not be expected to attend a building where you feel your safety is compromised

If you and your manager decide that the measures in place are suitable to ensure your safety then you can attend. Please inform your Head of Service either before or shortly after you have attended so we have an information trail for any future covid outbreaks at the partner’s building.