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What to do in adverse weather

20 December 2019

We know bad weather can occasionally make travelling to work difficult and we have recently revised the Adverse Weather Policy to make clear what you are expected to do if you can’t make it into work and to ensure a consistent approach on these occasions.

The revised adverse weather policy is available on our website, but the key points you need to be aware of are as follows:

  • Ensure you know who to contact in the event of bad weather disrupting your journey to work.
  • Wherever possible, if bad weather is forecast discuss with your manager beforehand what to do if you can’t attend work. This could be working from a different location or working from home if this is possible in your role.
  • If you can’t attend work at all or bad weather causes you to arrive late or leave early, you will need to either work the time back, in agreement with your manager, or cover the absence by one of the absence types available to you.
  • The only exception to these arrangements is if the decision is made to close your building. In this case you should record, and will be paid for, your normal hours for the day.
  • Make use of the council’s website or social media pages to keep yourself updated on the local weather situation.
  • If you have caring responsibilities and normal care arrangements break down at short notice, for example school closures or unavailability of day care for older or disabled dependants, up to one day's leave may be requested under the Special Leave Scheme.

Finally, the council has a duty to maintain services wherever possible when adverse weather affects us, but the safety of individuals is paramount and you should always consider your personal safety when planning your journey to work.