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What to remember if you're authorised to work from a council building

1 September 2021

A reminder of the guidelines about entering workplaces or attending a building for an approved meeting.

Authorisation to work from a council building

If you're currently working from home, you should only go into your workplace if you've had permission from a manager and this has also been approved through the appropriate channel, or if you’ve been asked to carry out any work relating to our Modern Ways of Working changes – clearing desks and offices, for example. This applies even if you are attending a workplace even briefly for tasks like picking up equipment.

Signing in and out

Please make sure that you follow procedures for signing in and out wherever these are in place. At County Hall, all employees must sign in and out at reception in person each time they enter or leave the building.

Wear your ID badge at all times

Where you do need to enter a building, you must wear an ID badge. If you don’t, it can sometimes take reception staff a while to confirm who you are. If you can’t prove who you are, you won’t be allowed to continue to your workplace or meeting.

COVID-secure arrangements

Our COVID-secure arrangements remain in place at all council buildings including social distancing and the wearing of face masks. If you’re coming into a council building for a specific purpose, we encourage you to take a lateral flow test (LFT) before attending. Colleagues who have been in the workplace throughout the pandemic are encouraged to test twice a week. LFT tests are available from most pharmacies and from the website.

New starters

If you have a new member of staff starting work at County Hall, please make sure that someone is available to meet them and if possible, please arrange for them to arrive after 9am in order to stagger arrivals at reception.

Booking meeting rooms

When booking meeting rooms for approved meetings, if you can’t say what the meeting is for, please give the service area instead.

Fire evacuation procedures

During the pandemic, we’ve been operating revised fire evacuation procedures in many of our buildings. Despite there being a lot fewer people working in our offices, evacuation procedures still need to be followed.

If you are working in any of our buildings, you have a legal duty to ensure your own and others’ health and safety and must familiarise yourself with the revised procedures. In the event of a fire or drill, you must evacuate irrespective of the work you are undertaking.