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Windows 11 is coming

11 March 2024

This year, all laptops and PC devices will receive an upgrade to Windows 11. This will happen in a phased approach from the end of March.

How will I know that I can update?

When it's your turn to switch over, you will receive an initial email from ICT Services to say your asset number has been selected to receive Windows 11. This will be followed up by a second email when the update is available for you to install.

It is important to pay attention to the emails as they will include installation instructions and business continuity guidance. To read more on this check out Windows 11 install advice.

What support will be available?

Windows 11 is similar to Windows 10 but it's got a new look and feel, with some fun feature updates. To help you switch over there will be lots of different ways that you can get support which will include:

  • attending a digital adoption workshop to help get started with Windows 11
  • regular tips and feature articles in this newsletter
  • the ability to log a dedicated Windows 11 Halo ticket

To get a head start on what is coming in Windows 11, check out Your guide to Windows 11.