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Working in hot weather

22 July 2021

Extreme heat in England doesn't always last long but while it's here, it can really take its toll on us. We're at risk of dehydration, sunburn and heat stroke if we don't follow some simple steps.

Wherever you are working - working indoors, outdoors, at home or travelling around the county, there are ways we can all try to keep cool in hot weather:

  • keep the curtains or blinds half closed to create shade inside
  • move your workstation or work position to a shadier location if possible
  • use fans if you have them
  • open windows and doors to create a breeze
  • wear sensible cool and loose fitting clothes – where your role allows
  • take regular breaks – somewhere cool if possible
  • drink water regularly
  • use sun block if you are working in direct sun and wear a hat if possible
  • where you have to work outside, if you are able to, plan this so you can avoid the hottest parts of the day when the sun is strongest

If your role means you need to wear PPE your manager will support you to reduce your risk of heat stress. But as well as the points above, the following tips can also help:

  • implement a buddy system within your team to look out for the signs of heat stress in each other, for example, confusion, looking pale or clammy, fast breathing
  • between shifts, try to stay cool as this will give your body a chance to recover

 Take a look at the NHS's useful information and tips for staying safe.