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World Mental Health Day

9 October 2023

The 10 October 2023 is World Mental Health Day and we’ll be focusing on anxiety.

During the whole week, our mental health and suicide prevention team will be sharing information about anxiety support on their Facebook, X and Instagram accounts.

The team would also like to share tips for managing anxiety. Do you have a method you use to manage anxiety? If you’d like them to share it on social media email or message one of the team's social media accounts.

The Let's Chat Derbyshire Podcast will drop its first pilot episode on 10 October. A few different topics around World Mental Health Day and World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) will be discussed, including a few insights into what's planned for future episodes.

As always, there is a range of support available for employees mental health who need a bit of help or information to be able to manage their mental health, including our mental health first aiders, counselling service and employee assistance programme. Joined Up Care Derbyshire have also launched their autumn activity programme which features sessions and groups to improve mental health.

If you want to learn more and become better-equipped to deal with your own mental health and that of others, sign up for one of our mental health awareness training sessions.