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World Mental Health Day

10 October 2022

Today is World Mental Health Day – a perfect chance to recognise how important it is to talk about how we feel and to seek help for help if we need it.

We offer several ways to support all employees with their mental health:

Internal counselling service – confidential support if you are experiencing personal or work-related problems.

Mental health first aiders – a team of trained colleagues who can provide reassurance and help to guide you to the support you need.

Free Thrive mental health app. The app is only available to employees and elected members. You can download it on the Apple or Android app stores. Sign up using your email address, a password of your choice, and our company access code which is DCC2020. Then follow the steps to confirm your account. There is also a programme of Thrive webinars on number of subjects.

Employee assistance programme – free access to emotional and practical support.

Sometimes, talking can help. The Derbyshire Mental Health Helpline and Support Service is available 24/7 on 0800 028 0077.

If you'd like to find out more about mental health for yourself or so that you can help others, there is an online course you can take on Derbyshire Learning Online.