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Your role in our new approach to employee engagement

25 May 2021

Throughout March and April, we held employee engagement workshops with volunteers from across all departments. The aim of these sessions was to explore the results of the December 2020 employee pulse survey and learn more about how proud, valued, rewarded and supported our employees feel.

These sessions are just the start of our new employee engagement cycle.

Our engagement cycle – listen and engage, shape and respond

Engagement is about listening and ensuring all employees have an opportunity to discuss issues that are important to them. It's also about shaping and responding to that feedback, making changes that will make a difference to our employees and communicating what we're doing.

Our engagement cycle will be a continuous loop of activity that takes place within your team, your department and the wider organisation.

Team engagement

We'll be asking your manager to discuss any issues with you in a team meeting in the next few weeks to agree how you can make improvements together. Your manager will share the actions you agree so that we can capture all the good things that are happening and escalate any issues that can't be resolved to our first department engagement forums in the summer.

Department engagement forums

The department engagement forums will be made up of volunteers from a cross section of roles and teams who will identify and discuss any common themes or issues raised, share best practice from teams and agree a department action plan. Some of the themes or issues may have council-wide implications and will be escalated to the organisation engagement forum. We are working with your senior leaders to plan our first forums in the summer.

Organisation engagement forum

Volunteers from the department forums will meet to discuss the issues escalated from each of the department forums, share best practice and agree an organisation action plan.

The outcomes of anything escalated to the department and organisation engagement forums will be communicated to leaders at all levels so they can share those updates with you.

Please take the opportunity to help make positive changes by taking part in your team engagement meetings. We will also be asking for volunteers to take part in the forums soon.