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Organisation action plan

Our organisation action plan aims to address a number of key issues raised by colleagues through the 2023 employee survey.

Our senior leadership team have used what you told us in the survey to identify the key things that we should be focusing on this year. You shared some great ideas and suggestions about what we can do to make our organisation a better place to work. Some of these were big things, like pay and reward. Other suggestions were smaller things that could make a big difference to help you and your colleagues feel more valued and involved.

Download a copy of our organisation action plan for 2022 to 2023.

The following is a summary of the 3 main areas we need to focus on in response to your feedback:

Improve our internal communication

A lot of the feedback we’ve heard is that we need to get much better at communicating with you and being more transparent. Communicating and engaging with colleagues will be a key focus for us over the coming months including in the following areas:

  • pay
  • work environment
  • digital strategy
  • policy development
  • organisation decisions
  • restructures

Improve the voice of colleagues

We want to involve colleagues across the whole organisation more as we go about making improvements to what we do and how we do it.

The ideas and suggestions shared in the engagement forums have been fed back to the teams who have responsibility for key areas of work. They have been asked to review these suggestions and determine what can and cannot be progressed. Where there are things that can be taken forward, they will consider setting up employee working groups, if this is appropriate.

In January, senior leaders held a session with their teams to share their departmental and divisional service plans and, as part of that, they asked for some input on our current values. The consensus was that our values:

  • are not well known across the organisation
  • they are too wordy and not memorable
  • aren’t currently embedded in everything we do

We want to continue to take your input as we develop our values as it important that they mean something to everyone.

Development of our organisation strategy

Many of you fed back that you aren’t clear on where we are heading as an organisation and what kind of organisation we want to be.

Our refreshed Enterprising Council strategy has now been drafted and is being reviewed by our corporate management team this week and we hope to be in a position to share this strategy with you in the new year.

This strategy will include the very important place that our values have in how we function as an overall organisation, as well as how we interact with one another.