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Reopening of County Hall

Information and resources to support a return to using workspaces at County Hall.

Our Modern Ways of Working programme has made great progress in re-organising our office spaces at County Hall so that they can be used to support service delivery in a more flexible way.

Before returning there are a number of actions that line managers and individual employees must complete. These are outlined in the manager and employee checklists attached to this page.

Floor plans showing the location of team, shared and facilities zones are also attached to this page.

Manager responsibilities

All line managers must complete the reopening of spaces checklist attached to this page.

As part of this checklist, managers are asked to check their new team zone before their team begin to use the space to ensure that all appropriate equipment is in place. Details of the equipment provided on each of the zones can be found in the information about our modern workspace.

Managers will also need to share a range of health and safety information with their team members including the County Hall COVID secure risk assessment.

Employee responsibilities

Before using new workspaces at County Hall, you must compete the employee checklist attached to this page. This will ensure that you have read all the necessary health and safety guidance and completed the mandatory training before you return.