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Using our shared spaces

Expectations for the use of shared workspaces at County Hall.

The following guidance sets out how our shared spaces should be used to ensure everyone can enjoy a pleasant working environment.

Using our workstations

Ensure the desk is not in use before choosing it to work at.

Undertake a visual inspection of all equipment prior to plugging in or using it. If faulty, label as such and do not use.

Desks can't be reserved for you to return to if you're away from them for a significant time. If you're leaving the desk for more than an hour, please remove personal belongings to enable someone else to use it.

Clean the desk and shared equipment before use.

Clean the desk and shared equipment you have handled before leaving a workstation. Leave it as you would expect to find it.

Ensure you are following guidance on keeping information secure.

Using our equipment

Do not alter or use identified specialist equipment if it's not yours.

Do not remove shared equipment provided for all users.

Report all defects or missing equipment immediately, do not rely on someone else doing it.

Desks are to be cleared each evening. All personal equipment is to be taken home.

When on Teams calls please use a headset and microphone rather than the laptop speakers.

Return all borrowed equipment (for example, footrests or document holders used to adapt shared areas) to the relevant store areas.

Lockers available for use in shared areas are for use during the day (for example while you attend a meeting or go out for lunch) and should not be reserved as personal lockers by individuals.

Our workspace environments

Every colleague will have different needs in relation to comfort levels (like heat and light). Please respect other users and don't alter settings without discussion with other users.

Social interaction is natural and good for wellbeing but please be respectful of other users please keep volumes of general chat to a low level.

Try to avoid large shared offices if you are undertaking long or regular Teams meetings throughout the day, try to utilise more private space in your team zone.

Currently natural ventilation is essential to protect staff from COVID-19. Please do not close windows.

Food should not be eaten at shared workstations or in shared office areas. Please use wellbeing areas (drinks are allowed at desks).

Keep work areas neat and tidy and place rubbish into bins provided.

Extension cables should not be used and all walkways to be kept clear of trip hazards.

All spillages to be cleaned up immediately.