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Our Derbyshire employee website

Here you will find information about the new employee website including how to access the secure area, how to give feedback and how to update content on a page. 

Our Derbyshire is the new employee website for all Derbyshire County Council staff.

On Our Derbyshire you will find the latest employee news, employment information and policies, wellbeing support, data security information, be able to complete a range of work related tasks and much more.

Tell us what you think

We need your feedback to help us make improvements. Please complete our feedback form to let us know what you think and you could also win a £50 voucher.

Give feedback

Please send any requests to update content on Our Derbyshire to

Reasons why Dnet has been replaced

We've known for some time that Dnet needed to be improved or replaced because it was difficult to find the information you needed and often that information was out of date. There was also potential security concerns with Dnet which mean that we had to find an alternate, secure way to share information with employees across the council.

Representatives from all council departments worked together to shape the direction of the new website and review all content on Dnet to help decide what was moved over to Our Derbyshire.

Available to all employees

Our Derbyshire is publicly available.

We need to make sure as many employees as possible are able to read the latest news and access information and documents. Dnet was only available to employees who use a council computer, but all employees can now see the Our Derbyshire website from any location and using any device which connects to the internet.

The majority of information on Our Derbyshire can be accessed by anyone but in the interests of being open and transparent, this is a good thing.

Accessing the secure area

Certain information, such as the phone directory, can only be available to employees. If you are looking for information that cannot be made public then you will be asked to log in securely to access it.

You can log in using your payroll number and the same password that you use to log on to your computer.

At the moment only employees who have a email address will be able to use the secure area but we are looking at ways to expand this to all employees.

Work in progress

The Our Derbyshire website is not yet finished. Our initial aim was to move all the information that was held on Dnet over to a new website that was easy to use and available to all employees. This is what we called phase one and this is now complete.

We know the website has lots more potential so we will be working on a second phase to add more features as well as using your feedback to make changes to the way the website works. This includes looking at improving the phone directory to make it easier to find colleagues.

Moving content over from Dnet

We have reviewed the content that was on Dnet and moved everything that was still accurate over to the new Our Derbyshire website. Content owners from all departments were asked to check their information and let us know what needed to be kept. Departments have also reviewed the Our Derbyshire content when the website was in beta.

Any information for existing employees has also been moved from the 'Working for us' section of the main council website over to the Our Derbyshire employee website. This means that if you are an employee, all the information you need about working here is in one place.

We know that some areas of content still need improving and we will be working with departments over the next few months to do this.

If you can't find what you are looking for using the navigation or search, but you know that the information was on Dnet, please email: The team will be able to check if that information has been moved over to the new website or if the content owner agreed for it to be removed.

Making changes to Our Derbyshire

We really want to know what you think of the new site and how you think we can improve it. Please complete our feedback form which includes the option to suggest new content and features.

If you want to change content on Our Derbyshire that you are responsible for please email:

Swap shop

At the moment we are unable to include a swap shop on the Our Derbyshire website. We will look at the options for including one in the future but in the meantime, if you are looking to buy, sell or give away personal items, there are a number of online market places that allow you to do this.

Closing down Dnet

Dnet will be shut down and removed from our systems to avoid any potential security issues on Thursday 13 February 2020.