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Childcare vouchers

The Busy Bees childcare scheme is a benefit scheme for employees to help them to pay for their childcare costs for children up to the age of 16.

The government introduced a tax free childcare scheme on 4 October 2018, and therefore the Busy Bees childcare scheme is now closed for new applicants. Employees who are already signed up to Busy Bees can continue to purchase vouchers, however we'll review the availability of childcare vouchers annually.

For employees seeking help to pay for childcare for the first time, you can read more about childcare vouchers and other employer schemes.

You can choose to deduct up to £243 from your wages each month in return for the same amount of childcare vouchers which are then used to pay your childcare costs.

How much you can save

As childcare vouchers do not attract tax and National Insurance contributions, you can make significant savings. Both parents in a household can join a childcare voucher scheme, potentially increasing the amount you can save each year.

The amount each working parent can save using childcare vouchers depends on how much they earn and other individual circumstances.