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Terms and conditions for bus and train ticket loans

These are the terms and conditions for the interest-free loan scheme for Derbyshire County Council employees.

The interest-free loan scheme is open to all permanent Derbyshire County Council employees, aged over 18 and who have at least a 12-month contract.

The amount of the loan requested must not exceed your net (after tax deducted) monthly salary.

Approval is at the absolute discretion of the council.

It is the employee's responsibility to arrange insurance against loss, theft and personal accident.

The ticket/pass will remain the employee's property from the moment of purchase. Derbyshire County Council will not be liable if the ticket/pass is lost.

Customers who lose their ticket/pass or have it stolen must report it to the police and then contact the operator. The operator reserves the right not to replace a ticket/pass if it is believed the claim is fraudulent.

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law.

If the employee no longer requires the ticket/pass during the 12-month period it is the employee's responsibility to contact Shared Services to apply for a refund subject to the operator's terms and conditions.

If you wish to keep your ticket/pass but no longer work for Derbyshire County Council you can do so, but will need to pay any outstanding balance upfront.

By making an application you permit the sharing of information with the relevant travel operator for the sole purpose of completing the application.

East Midlands Railway

If you already have a unique East Midlands Railway (EMR) reference number because you have previously bought a weekly or monthly season ticket you should enter it on your application in the box provided. It is found on your existing rail photo card.

If you do not have a unique EMR reference number you will need to supply a passport-sized photograph so you can be issued with a photo card. Once you have received confirmation that your application has been approved you will be advised where to send your photo.

Your photo card and season ticket will need to be shown on every journey, as requested by train or station staff, to be valid for travel. If appropriate, arrangements will be made for you to receive your photo card directly from Derbyshire County Council. Your season ticket will be sent to you directly by EMR.

Upon loss or theft of a season ticket/pass, the customer should contact this office. In most circumstances we will be able to issue a duplicate ticket/pass. Normally one duplicate can be issued relating to the same season ticket/pass upon payment of the administration charge, but individual circumstances will be considered by the person with authority in the event of a second duplicate being requested. A theft being reported to the police and crime number issued will add weight to the consideration

Refunds are calculated from the date the season ticket/pass is returned. The refund will be the difference, if any, between the price paid for the discounted season ticket/pass and the total cost of the combination of tickets/passes that would have been needed to make one return journey a day up to the date the season ticket/pass was handed in, less an administration charge of £10. This means that the amount you receive will not be pro rata to the price of the ticket/pass and in some cases there may be no refund payable. It is paramount that the ticket/pass is returned to us as quickly as possible once it has been identified as no longer required, as any delay can reduce the refund amount.

Refunds will be considered depending on Qualifying Life Events. These include moving house, death of spouse, partner or child, change in working hours (+/- 20%), start or return from maternity leave, start or return from unpaid leave or long term absence, partner or spouse made redundant.

Trent Barton

Lost or stolen cards will be replaced with a £15 administration charge.

£15 charge applies to early leavers of the scheme although outstanding balances will be refunded.

Will post your ticket/pass directly to your home address.

All tickets/passes start on the first of each month. You must apply before the 18th of the month for your ticket/pass to start the following month. For example, if you apply on 17 September, your ticket/pass will be valid from 1 October. If you apply on 19 September, your ticket/pass will be valid from 1 November.