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Save a little - give a lot

Derbyshire credit unions are a great way to save. Many of them are now called community banks and they offer dividends on savings – as well as loans at lower rates than many high street lenders.

We’re supporting credit unions as part of our work to tackle poverty, support people on low incomes and protect our most vulnerable residents.

And as an employee, elected member or member of our pension scheme you can do your bit to help Derbyshire residents struggling with debt.

Everyone who lives or works in Derbyshire can sign up and save and we’ve set up a scheme to make it easy for you to join with deductions from as little as £1 a month coming straight from your pay – you choose the amount.

The money you invest will not only work for you but will also allow credit unions to offer more safe, affordable loans to people who may turn to high-risk borrowing like payday lenders.

All you have to do to sign up is join the credit union nearest to where you live or work.

When you’ve got a membership number you can sign up to our staff payroll deduction scheme and start saving by filling in the form.

Join a credit union - also known as community banks

You need to join a credit union before you sign up to our payroll deduction.

There are 5 credit unions or community banks covering Derbyshire. You can check which one relates to the borough or district council area where you live or work and find out how to join.

When you’ve joined a credit union and got a membership number you can sign up for our payroll deduction scheme by completing the form.

If you’re already in a credit union, you can still sign up for payroll deduction but don’t need to set up a new account – just fill in your details.

Payroll deduction order form