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Apprenticeship salary scales

Our pay scales are based on local and national local government negotiations.

Appointments will be made to the bottom of the pay points with an annual increase on the anniversary of the appointment until reaching the top of the pay points for each level of apprenticeship, provided continuous service has been maintained.

The level of apprenticeship and relevant salary scale for a particular job will be displayed on the job advert or accompanying job specification.

Council pay scales for local government service appointments are subject to national employers pay negotiations. National pay agreements will be reflected in the council's pay scales following agreement with trade unions. This only applies to the higher and degree level apprenticeship scales shown here.

Intermediate Level apprenticeship - Level 2 or Level 3

Employees undertaking an intermediate level apprenticeship (equivalent to a Level 2 GCSE or Level 3 A-Level qualification) will be paid at the age appropriate nationally set minimum wage rates of pay shown in the table.

Table showing Intermediate Level Apprenticeship rates of pay, 2022 to 2023
GradeAgeAnnual salaryHourly rate
Intermediate Level apprenticeship - Level 2 or Level 3 23 and over £20,102.06 £10.42
21 to 22 £19,639.05 £10.18
18 to 20 £14,449.56 £7.49
Under 18 £10,186.07 £5.28

Higher (Level 4 or Level 5) or Degree (Level 6 or Level 7) Level apprenticeship

Employees undertaking a higher or degree level apprenticeship will be paid on the apprenticeship salary scales in the following table.

Table showing Higher and Degree Level Apprenticeship salary scales and pay points, 2022 to 2023
GradePay pointAnnual salaryHourly rate
Higher Level apprenticeship - Level 4 or Level 5 HA1 £19,489 £10.10
HA2 £19,698 £10.21
HA3 £19,907 £10.32
HA4 £20,116 £10.43
Degree Level apprenticeship - Level 6 or Level 7 DA1 £20,116 £10.43
DA2 £20,325 £10.54
DA3 £20,535 £10.64
DA4 £20,744 £10.75