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Some of our employees are paid on the Soulbury pay scales. Soulbury refers to the name of the national negotiating body. The Soulbury committee determines the pay and conditions for education professionals we employ, including educational improvement professionals and educational psychologists.

Soulbury-paid officers carry out a wide range of responsibilities but collectively make a crucial contribution to the range and quality of our educational provision.

Educational improvement professionals (EIPs) are traditionally recruited from senior teachers and school leaders and provide advice and support to local authorities and schools on educational, organisational and other issues. They may work strategically with school leaders, including as school improvement partners, or offer support and advice at other levels.

Educational psychologists (EPs) work in close liaison with teachers, parents and other agencies to provide assistance and assessments for young people. They also help manage authorities' SEN provision and work with schools and teachers to advise on individual cases.

Soulbury Structured Professional Assessment

All Soulbury officers have access to additional pay increments under the Structured Professional Assessment (SPA) system, permitting progression by up to a further 3 spine points based on local assessment against nationally prescribed criteria. The pay package for Soulbury officers enables them to be assessed for a maximum further 3 points under the SPA system.

Our SPA process provides a framework to recognise officers’ contribution to our role in raising standards in schools and the promotion of child development and learning. It covers employees on Soulbury pay scales, in the following areas:

  • education professionals, including advisors, consultants and local inclusion officers
  • educational psychologists

Full details of SPAs and the application process can be accessed on EDRM.