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Touch down centres

Touch down centres are a network of locations across the county that our staff can use to work at instead of wasting time and petrol travelling back to your base.

There are numerous centres set up across Derbyshire and in time there will be many more. We’re also working with other public sector organisations in Derbyshire to set up more.

As a minimum, each centre will have desks and chairs. Some will have points to log in a laptop and a phone, others will have PCs. Some you’ll need to book in advance, others you can just turn up. If you use a laptop you are advised to take a riser and a mouse with you.

The centres are listed by district - you can find out where they are and what facilities are available.

Staff using a touch down centre in a building that provides a service where staff may come into contact with children, should have proof of an enhanced CRB check.

Data security in touch down centres

When you are working at a touch down centre it can be easy to forget about data security.

However it’s vital to make sure that you continue to take good care of any sensitive data or personal information that you might have.

That’s why we have our Ditch the Data Demon campaign – reminding you how to keep information safe, no matter whereabouts you are.

Find out more about our data security polices.

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