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Fleet services

Fleet services are provided by county transport from its Ambergate headquarters and 5 vehicle maintenance workshops across Derbyshire.

The principal engineer, fleet operations manager and fleet commercial manager supported by technical teams procure, maintain, and dispose of fleet vehicles for the council.

External vehicle maintenance is also undertaken for Derbyshire Police, academies, charities, and Bakewell & Eyam Community.

Public MOT tests can be carried out at 3 of the 5 workshops.


Our fleet is very diverse and fluctuates at around 550 fleet vehicles. It includes both electric and diesel powered vehicles. Telematics are fitted as standard to core fleet vehicles - this is known as VMS (Vehicle Management System).

VMS incorporates driver ID, sat nav, forward facing dash cameras, GPS and panic alarms, additionally reports are available to detail utilisation, CO2 emissions, driving standards and video footage to aid in the event of an accident or complaint.

The fleet varies in type:

  • cars
  • 4x4
  • light commercial vans
  • HGV tippers and cranes
  • street lighting platforms
  • gritting vehicles including lightweight towed gritting machinery
  • accessible minibuses
  • tractors
  • trailers
  • plant

Policy and guidance

Transport briefing notes, forms, and policies to aid in the safe and legal use of vehicles are available to aid managers and drivers whilst undertaking driving activities in fleet, hired and grey fleet vehicles for the council.

Advice is available as transport briefing notes covering topics such as driving licence checks, daily walk-around checks of vehicles, minibus operations, section 19 permits, GB domestic drivers' hours and hiring of vehicles. Policies for use of telephones, smoking, VMS and the management of operational road risk are also available.

All fleet services guidance is available on EDRM.

For any additional guidance on the use of fleet, hired or owned vehicles please email