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Dealing with the media

Our elected members – cabinet and council - set and agree our policies. They are accountable for them and can make public their views on them.

Our officers deliver council policy and cannot use their position to promote their own views on those policies.

All media enquiries - made to officers in their professional capacity - should be referred to our communications team. Officers should not speak to the media on our behalf unless they have prior approval. The only exception is when the answer to a question is contained in factual, published information which would normally be available to the media and the public.

Requests for media interviews should always be referred to our communications team. All media interview opportunities will be discussed with elected members to agree the most appropriate response and / or interviewee. Officers may - on occasion - be asked to deliver an interview when detailed technical knowledge is required.

Comments, news releases and statements are usually drafted by the communications team and will normally be agreed with senior or chief officers and the appropriate cabinet member or the council leader.

Officers of the authority should not agree to speak as our representative at public meetings without the approval of their line manager. The exception to this rule applies to officers who - as members of professional bodies - are asked to speak at meetings or conferences on technical issues associated with their profession.

If you need any more advice, please contact the communications team, email: